Tekken 5 Crash.
Hi there. I have a litlle problem with tekken 5. Everything looks fine until 4 fight in story battle for each character. Then it just crash, after first or second battle, in the course of short movie. But always near this fight (i mean opening short movie or ending). It also happens in Arcade, but this time it is 1 battle. Then it just crashes, WinXP error appear.

I have win XP SP3, Inel Core 2 Duo E7200 2,53 Ghz, nVidia 9600 GT, 3GB RAM. I know my CPU isn't the fastest and i need to OC it, but i'll do it later.

Graph Configuration -> GSdx SSE41 0.1.14

Thanks for help Smile

No one knows anything about it..? Someone have to have the same problem sometimes Smile

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