Tekken 5 Crashes on last stage in story mode
As said in the title, it crashes whenever i reach the last stage while playing any character in story mode. This happens near the end of the video/cutscene before you fight against jinpachi on ANY of the characters i use (when he appears behind you and probably just before the fight starts, PCSX2 crashes). Vista comes up with the message "PCSX2 has stopped working". Using version 0.9.6. Could someone please give me a solution to fix this?

Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 Ghz
Geforce 7900GS 256MB
Vista 32bit

Usually get 75-80 fps on tekken 5


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Latest beta should work fine with it,try that (you can find it in downloads of our site or in a thread in this forum)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I tried the new beta version that i found on the forum but it still didnt work. When the cut scene is about to finish PCSX2 just freezes and the screen of it goes black. Should i change my graphic or CPU settings?

oh and btw the new beta version is awesome at running Tekken 5. From my initial speeds of 75-80 fps i managed to run tekken 5 on 85+ frames constantly (even went up to 200 once XD).


P.S it doesn't crash anymore, just freezes with a black screen
That happened to me when I had the level patch enabled ... so the last stage wasnt loaded and tekken 5 crashed.
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
hey can u give me ur settings maybe?? im playin it but liek in another thread on 60fps on slowmo... and i got ugly black stripes, or when i play with hardwaare dx10 its even slower and a bit transparent... wud be cool

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