Tekken 5 FPS
Hello, I wanna ask. I can't play Tekken 5 because It only gives me half fps and not giving me a max one or at least 45-50fps.

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[Image: 27443952.jpg]
[Image: 14392139.jpg]
Is my specs is slow for me to play it or is there a possible solution on this problem? Thank you.
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You got a laptop, right? That's the problem, laptops aren't good enough for pcsx2, I have one (c2duo 2.2 Toshiba Satellite) but I cann0t run any game at good speed. Basically it's because the speed is too low (2.22) Sad. The video Card is pretty good actually but It means nothing if the processor is way to slow Sad
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I'm not sure how this game reacts to them but both those sliders one step up makes a huge difference, the VU cycle stealing can sometimes be moved two steps for certain games without major problems beyond possible lag in certain situations. try combination of them.

Although marked as not recommended (for a reason), those other two should be attempted if things are bad.

Finally, making sure the vertical sync (in the Catalyst video driver) is off/disabled for all application can solve many FPS problems for several games, including native PC games.
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@Butz_san. Yes I was only using laptop. My dorm mates asking me to put some Tekken but I got problem with it. I can play other games well like kingdom hearts, tales of abyss and mana khemia 2. FFX-2 is also included. High processor is too expensive. Smile)

@nosisab. Should I try to max the VU Cycle stealing. Is that what you mean? and About vertical sync ( The application directly on the laptop are you talking about? )
CPU: Asus K42JK Core i3-350M 2.27 Ghz
GPU: ATI HD5145; 1GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
EE cyclerate reduction probably won't help, it usually only does if the game underutilized the original PS2's Emotion Engine. It's most effective in 2D games or Final Fantasy X.

VU cycle stealing could help, but it could also slow down the emulated EE portion of your PCSX2, therefore making things worse... or it could increase your framerate.

For Final Fantasy X I don't need EE cyclerate stealing anymore, just VU cycle stealing and I get 50+ FPS consistently whereas otherwise I'd only get what your getting on Tekken 5.
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In tekken 5, goto the to options menu in the game and set the display type to progressive.
Adds a few fps.

Set the gs plugin options to dx9 hardware mode.
It fixes the subtitles and other things from being cut off or not drawn, as well as adding a few fps.

Together you might get an extra 10fps but that would be about it.

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All the above and the knowing that speed hacks always come with a cost, the less you need to use, the better the final result.

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