Tekken 5 Patch
Hello there
I really don't know where to ask for a patch so if some 1 could tell me? :3
More to the point:
After so long i am finally able to run tekken at 43-50 Fps without EE or VU hacks althou i dont want to continue playing with mokujin at 55 FPS so i would like to ask for a patch that would make mokujin always be my opponent , i know there is a patch for stages but i need 1 to set mokujin as my only character to fight against because he gives a nice fps boost. Ty
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.

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I may be able to convert the PSP one for PS2, there is a patch (by me) for T5 for YOUR character, but the PSP one I can convert later. real life is getting in the way a bit and it's new years
Thanks alot bro.
BTW 1 thing its >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PAL-PAL-PAL-PAL-PAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
eh.. pal will be a bit of an issue... but I have a cheat guide with conversion tables. (I don't have pal cheats, sorry you'll have to find at least one on your own)
Hmm well i have both Region discs i bought the NTSC version bout 2 months ago for 3 $ lulz and it works pretty well but its not the same speed proportion say if i get 50 fps in PAL ill only get 55 in NTSC but mokujin might fix that problem Tongue
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
you'd be getting 49 or so, it wouldn't be 50, but the rate is minimal under that it shows full. 55/60 is nearly full itself.

on another note, still looking for my PSP tekken 5
Well i play alot of fighting games and smoothnes(Dunno how to type that word sry Tongue) and Speed really matter i notice a drop between 50 and 48 fps easily on PAL and on NTSC 60-55 is killer fluctuation when Tekken consist of combos that relly on 1 FRAME. Dang Taunt JU never got easier in 6 >.>
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
Could this be of any help?
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
any one know how to find jinpachi in tekken 5 plz shared with us
with screen shorts and how to use 652050d2.pnach in pcsx2 latest version
i have all charaters but don,t know how to find jinpachi
plz help
THanks in advanceSmile
//4b,4c - JINPACHI monster
//4d,4e - Jinpachi HUMAN

Original Patch, by myself:

other part of the patch as written by the ORIGINAL author:


// Tekken5 Stage Codes to use above
// --------------------------------
// copyright (c) [email protected]  27 march 2009
//Dragon's Nest          0
//Burning Temple         1
//Waterfall              2
//Urban Jungle           3
//City at Sunset         4
//Moonlit Wilderness     5
//Pirate's Cove          6
//Secret Garden          7
//Unholy Cathedral       8
//Acid Rain              9
//Polar Paradise         10 (0A)
//Hell's Gate            11 (0B
//The Final Frontier     12 (0C) non hex
//Poolside               13 (0D
//Wasteland              14 (0E
//Final Stage            15 (0F

if you need this, add them to the bottom of my patch

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