Tekken 5 Stage Configuration
Hi there folks!

I have been trying to get Tekken 5 to work on my PC for a long time and only yesterday did I get it half way decent.

The only problem I'm having now is trying to modify the patch file so that I can remove the stages that are currently bugged (Moonlit, Acid, Secret Garden)

Currently the patch file looks like this:

Quote:comment=By NinjaOptimus ..damn after 2 hours of seraching. the last 86 entries were nearly impossible to short list... found near 5pm , 27 Mar 2009 on PCSX2 0.9.6
gametitle=Tekken5 (SLUS 21059) DVD

// Tekken5 Stage Codes to use above
// --------------------------------
// copyright © [email protected] 27 march 2009
//Dragon's Nest 0
//Burning Temple 1
//Waterfall 2
//Urban Jungle 3
//City at Sunset 4
//Moonlit Wilderness 5
//Pirate's Cove 6
//Secret Garden 7
//Unholy Cathedral 8
//Acid Rain 9
//Polar Paradise 10 (0A)
//Hell's Gate 11 (0B
//The Final Frontier 12 (0C) non hex
//Poolside 13 (0D
//Wasteland 14 (0E
//Final Stage 15 (0F

This makes the game default to one selected level. I was wondering if you kind folk could help me make a pnatch file that excludes those three levels instead? Even better perhaps a way to get them to work?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX-LIP8HiTM (half way through to see defects)

Mac Pro (Vista x64)
2.8 Xeon octocore OC 3.0Ghz
4gb 800Mhz ddr2
8800GT OC'd with Rivatuner slightly
Tekken 5 running at 115% with beta speed hacks. 70-80% without

My PCSX2 is the latest beta build with a few extra .dll's i found thrown into the main directory.

Thanks for your time.

2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT

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Those glitches are "major" on 60Hz - NTSC and PAL60, but relatively ok on PAL50.
Missing effects are beacause of the VU steal hack (not gamebreaking even on MAX)....but it can give a noticeable speed boost if the fps limit is turned off (or set at 70-80) and gets to about 70-80 for normal speed (Peops sound plugin gives normal sound even if the counter goes above 50/60 fps)
[Image: zxwy.th.jpg] [Image: 31574229.th.jpg] [Image: 99408002.th.jpg]
[Image: sysp-93326.png]
Thanks for the info archer sir !

How do I get my game to operate on pal 50? Buy a different version of the game and rip it?

I'll check it out once I get my pc fixed Sad I burnt it out today trying too hard I think. Lucky it's still under warrenty. Posting this from my phone so please forgive the shortness of my reply.

Thanks again,
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
Welcome Munt
To turn PAL50Hz go to menu in game settings and display settings> video mode
Excellent thanks man!
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
Got my computer back today, PAL 50 makes a world of difference along with PEOps sound plugin. I can run it 130% now without VU Stealing, so it looks much nicer.


Thanks for the help Laugh
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT

i've have a stage problem in my tekken 5 game....!!

the problem is --- while playing the stage covered with walls.....!! characters didn't collide with wall...
& go inside the wall,,, Suddenly black screen appears,,,,,!!
and nothing more i can do to remove this black screen except for waiting for time up.....!!

Any Patch or suggestion.....

Try setting the EE/VU clamp modes to normal or higher.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
i have a question.. i have a E5400 at 3.48ghz and 9500gt with overclock on my sig.. but is there anyway i can speed up in the main battle.. cause i got like 38fps only.. anyhelp guys im using EE at 33% and vu on 0


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