Tekken 5 - big problem on Vista

First (jeden): sorry for my english.
Second (dwa): i search evrywhere similar threat but i don't find anything.
Third (trzy): my configuration:
GF 9600GT 512mb
4gb DDR2@1066mhz CL5

Fourth (cztery):
My problem:
[Image: pcsx2xe3.jpg]

And... nothing... What should I do? I have finished SotC on it (that same configuration) and everything was be ok.

Whats the problem? I ofc have "special" fix for tekken. So what the problem?

Oh, i have this problem on all versions of PCSX2 (from 0.9.4 -> SVN377 -> SVN390 to PG 1.0).

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oops answered too fast, I realized you used official version
I was try - nothing...
I advise you use gsdx for the graphic plugin, if it's not already the case.
I have this problem on ZeroGS too, and I have GSDX - without I think can't played in SOTC.
Use Run->Execute
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Don't work... Can't play.
I never got that problem with my Tekken 5 (NTSC)...
I have europe version (PAL) - oryginal. But i think all versions are playable... So whats the problem? ;/
here's a video, of someone running pal version of Tekken 5:

svn rev 377

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