Tekken 5 broke at memory card loading
I HAVE a tekken 5 iso...No mather where i download it..and a a bios
and this game crashes at the memory card loading..Somebody can help me?

I have to do another email and username on pcsx2 forum? and invented another story..but its crashes no matter how..I have a tekken 5 cd..it broke on memory card..but on iso it dosent even go in the loading of the memory card section

sorry for my english

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hi, try this:clickSmile
[Image: 21cvw55.jpg]
Tnx..i come back soon..I try to use google translate..But in Slovenian langue hmm
I have pcsx2-beta-1190 and I setup the plugin correctly.
I start the emulator via File Run CD / DVD.Game comes to loading memory card and then broke.I can see only a black background and nothing more happens.What can I do for resolve the problem?
for christ sake, you dont give up, you were warned, TWICE but you still dont give up, thats it, see you later.
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