Tekken 5 crash
Hey guys, first post, need some help if you'd be so kind.

I got irresistible urge to play Tekken 5 recently, so, I loaded up .iso via Daemon Tools configured PCSX2 following official guide and read official FAQ. When I load up Tekken 5, I get Namco logo and that movie after it, but just as PCSX2 is about to take over real time graphics, it crashes. I have been digging around for solution, but nothing comes up. I even attempted to make No Video patch but I can't find "sceMpegIsEnd" bit. Corresponding line and numbers are there, but "sceMpegIsEnd" doesn't follow the numbers as outlined in the guide, and since line "comment=Skips Video (sceMpegIsEnd)" refers to it, patch didn't work for me.

Is there anything special that needs to be done for T5? Anything I should try?

I got:
Core 2 Quad 2.6 (I know kinda low, but it should be enough)
GeForce 9800 GTX
4 Gig DDR3 RAM (Vista reports only 3 for some reason)
Vista Ultimate
If you need any other info let me know.

On the up side, I read the FAQ so you avoided yet another "My plugin configuration doesn't get saved" thread.

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lol you don't need a skip video pnach for the game. All you have to do is to unmount the game ISO from Daemon and load the ISO directly from pcsx2 plugin called Linuz ISO plugin.
I figured video transition was crashing it. I'll try without Daemon Tools directly from .iso.
No go. Linuz plugin doesn't work for me. P.E.Op.S one works just fine up to that point.
as far as I remember, hiting run-> execute instead of file->run cd/DVD may help you
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Wow, that did it. Sweet, thanks. I knew it was something simple like that.

With 3x speedhack and all 3 options checked, I'm getting somewhat decent FPS. It's playable. Now i just gotta hook up second controller, and kick some ass. Thanks.
Create an "ISO image" of the game!
I suggest UltraISO, and use the Linuz Iso!
Speed Hacks for use: "VU Cyle Stealing" at most!
It is very good!
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having the same problem but my crash is exactly after pressing start during the spacegame loading part.. but will try the run execute trick first before anything.. plus, is there a way to move my save game from my ps2 memory card into the emulator? i tried a usb stick into my ps2 but can't get it to detect the usb.. would love to grab the save game so i dun have to play jin to level shihan again

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