Tekken 5 dx10+Devil Within mode
System: E8400@3ghz; Radeon 4850 512mb; 4gb ddr2; Vista 64bit
pcsx2 v.0.9.6 / pcsx2 beta 791

the game runs nearly on full speed using gsdx in dx9 mode (just a few glitches on 4 maps when there should be some effects in the foreground)

dx10 mode only works in native resolution
then devil within runs at full speed

in dx9 mode (native and custom res) it plays at around 20 fps and i can hear my hdd constantly working/writing (i think)
the strange thing about this is that occasionally the hdd stops being loud and then also the fps go up to 60fps, so i maybe its a memory bug or something
arcade,story and versus work well with frame skipping on both dx9 and 10 but on dx9 i am able to set the resolution up to 1260:882 (at least thats the best res i found working without black lines)

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