Tekken 5 fps drop in battle
Hello everyone I'm not quite sure if this is right place to post my question but I will give it a shot.
Before explaining I will give you my specs:
Quad core q8200 2,34ghz
4gb ram
Nvidia gefore 9500 gt 1gb

Now let me try to explain,
One year ago I've played Tekken 5 on 0.9.6(7) I'm note quite sure on which one with out any problem game was smooth pretty sure it was max fps then I reinstalled from XP to W7 and now some time later I wanted to play the game again.
I've downloaded 0.9.7 pcsx2 got some plugins and bios and played but game was quite 'laggy' screen shaking sound was not synced with video and stuff like that, I've watched like 20 yt videos on best config and stuff like that.On some plugins I couldn't even click on config settings (probably they weren't compatible for some reason?). Eventually I gave up after like 4h of trying and tried with 0.9.8, I downloaded plugins config them fixed screen shakes and sound game was running smooth untill I go to actually combat from constant 60 fps it drops to 30-40.

Now my question is what is the reason behind it is it because of plugin or bad config or weak pc,like I said I played game on some other plugins one year ago like np constant fps smooth game etc,
as I recall game was little blurry but nothing unplayable

My second question is:Is tekken 5 playable on pc over internet I know it's playable over ps2 and finally if I fix this fps drop can someone give me completed game with all characters on memcards so me and my mates can play at my place ^^

Config screenshot-

Best of regards

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*your PC is holding your back there is no chance to fix this try other games.

*don't know really much on online mode.
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Try using the latest SVN from here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php
and checking the new MTVU speed hack
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Fps gets to 50 but game is still same I mean its like 30 fps while it says 50
Turn down the VU cycle speed hack
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