Tekken 5 progressive scan problem
Shorty ,when enabled, the picture start shaking like interlacing(F5 option) is set to off. But it isnt... No matter what interlacing is chosen, picture is still shaking. Any ideas what i am doing wrong? I read in the forum a lot of people used progressive set to on with no problems apparently.

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Hmm. Progressive its progressive Smile Progressive used on YouTube for example.
Not interlaced frames....
Snaking because of speedhacks i guess
No ,no speed hacks are used.
I dont understand part about YouTube...
(01-26-2013, 02:02 PM)mroussev Wrote: No ,no speed hacks are used.
I dont understand part about YouTube...

yah his english is kinda confusing xD

cant you just disable the progressive scan?
its not like you get worse quality especially if you run it on the emulator Tongue

if you get problems like lines on the screen use a resolution of 1200x1200 or 720x1280, 1080 x 1920 (yes in reverse)

this fixes that issue but if you are using it for other reasons, please elaborate Smile
Of course i can disable it and game works perfect. For the record there is bigger resolution from the ones that you wrote- 1260X1920, also works without black lines.

No particular reason to want to ativate it. Just when there is progressive scan in game it is good to enable it,in most cases, to improve resolution (like in GT4 where gives significantly better picture no matter of what internal res is). Also i watched clips in youtube where people activate it and there is no shaking problem for them. I just want to understand what my ""problem" is, from curiosity, not that i need this option so badly. But i am pretty sure that picture is one level better with this option, and because this game has max int res that can be used i think that every option that can improve picture is welcome.

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