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Tekken 5 refuse to load!
for some reason the game not laoding,it "loads" only this
and then:
I tried both NTSC and PAL version,same problem.

my Cofing


Speed hecks:
even without speed hecks it's not loading.

PC riq:
Core i7 920 2.67
Video Card: GTX 260 SP 216
Ram: 3x 1gb DDR 3

I'm using Hardware Mode 10

any why to fix that?


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do you hear sound? if final fantasy x when i had some hacks on the menu screen was black,try disabling the hacks.
$0®®¥ ƒ0® |\/|¥ 1337 3|\|9£1$|-|!

(sorry for my 1337 english!)
I tried disabling the hacks,didn't work.
Try running it with "run > execute" instead of "file > CD/DVD"
ok,now It's loading
but I can't move!
I can punce or kick,
but not moving!
then remap your keys Tongue
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