Tekken Tag Tournament, Death by Degrees

I've found wierd comon behaviour of those two games. I'm sorry if this is problem from my side or if this has already been answered (i couldn't find it, and i've looked), but let me be detailed.

My configuration:

Intel i5 3350p
Kingston HyperX genesis DDR3 1600 4GB CL9


running on PCSX2 1.2.1 when running Tekken Tag Tournament (SCES_50001) at random points picture streches to the left and goes out of frame, than after short time it's back to normal. it last for like a 1 second but sometimes it can last 2-3 seconds before it goes ok again. i have taken screenshots of this but if needed i can make video too. This is hapening on game "Nina Williams's Death by Dergrees" as well, although it's less frequent. This, however, is not happening when I run Tekken Tag Tournament (PBPX_95201) but on that version videos are in constant flickering mode. I don't know how to fix it, besides it has japanees moves list and i would like to play 1st version rather. Not like game is not playable, it's still playable and it's not so big of issue, but little anoying. would be great if I could do something to make it go away. Have to mantion that videos in SCES_50001 are perfect. no black stripes, no flickering.. perfect framerate..

what are your opinions?
PS. sry about my english.

here are screenshots 1 - Normal; 2 - streched screen problem
[Image: Screen_Shot001.jpg] [Image: Screen_Shot002.jpg]

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Tried nvidia hack ?
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Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
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RAM : 16 Go
(12-28-2014, 02:43 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Tried nvidia hack ?

first thank you for idea.

to be honest I did just now Smile well as it seems it did fix streching problem but made several new problems. whenever i turn on Nvidia Hack, black stripes apperas..and this was beffored fixed when using resolution 1200x something (also there were other suggestions across board as in 1260x1260 or 1270x1270) which worked well before, but now none of those works...

if i wanna get rid of black stripes with HW nvidia hack on, i have to use Native resolution. i wouldn't mind that either..except now also there is problem of screen constantly shaking like it's freezing man Smile screen slightly jumps up and down.. there is another confusion too. in order to make nVidia Hack take effect (clicking configure) does enable HW hacks also have to be checked or it can work one without another..(Screenshot)

..i'm gonna test it out more wtih diff resolutions to check how it behaves..and will post update.

thanx for all your help.

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The checkbox "enable HW hacks" should be enabled/ticked if you want to use hardware hacks.

Try as well other custom resolutions. Maybe 1000x1000 and so on.
i have finally made peace with that i cannot have one PCSX2 and play all games on same settings..so what i figure i will rather have multiple revisions each for specific games, than reconfiguring settings every time i wanna play diff game. so i got 1.3.0, june 25 version and just tweaked resolution to 1260x.... i ended up with perfect emu for Tekken and other Namco games. it has NO problems whatsoever. on default settings and plugin setup (other than sound i had to change output) is just perfect!

only thing i have to now do, reconfigure every emu to use diff folder for common files shared between emus.. like bios, sstates, memcards, snaps, and woila Smile anyway thanks for help.
You can use a frontend like pcsx2 bonus...

In principle you only need to keep/save the gsdx.ini in the ini-Folder... The resolution is saved inside this ini. Keep different ini's for different games...
oh i never knew about this. thank you very much. i'll give it a try. thing is ..i have no idea wiehter it's just configuration or revision. might be different plugin versions as well.. but this is still usefull thing Smile thank you.

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