Tekken Tag Tournament (PAL) - Slow!
Hi, why runs Tekken Tag Tournament soo slow?? only 30 fps ingame!Ohmy
But the odd thing is i have Tekken 5 too, and it runs in FULLSPEED! Blink
I don't get it.

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it could be due to the fact it holds several more variables than tekken 5 does, because not only does it heal, but it has to keep 4 fighters in memory and watch for the switches, t5 only has 2, no healing and no switching. But that's just my guess
No it has absolutely nothing to do with 'variable storing'....please don't post if you have no idea what you're talking about.
Tekken Tag uses parts of the ps2 hardware that are not properly emulated and/or that are hard to emulate on the PC. Thus even if the game IS simpler and older than Tekken 5,emulating it is much slower
[Image: newsig.jpg]
But look at this!:
This Dude is enjoying fullspeed Huh
3.8ghz c2d cpu, old plugins and pcsx 2 version Smile
(03-05-2009, 11:05 PM)Jasperking Wrote: 3.8ghz c2d cpu, old plugins and pcsx 2 version Smile

my pc is better than his. i have a e8400 @ 3.6 ghz.
0.2 ghz more is not a big difference at all and my gpu is MUCH faster (gtx260)
well use his plugins and pcsx 2 version but your gpu wont gain you any performance unless your going to increase the d3d internal res

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