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Tekken Tag Tournament Runs Very Slow
Hello all. I started using PCSX2 emulator when I bought a new laptop. I tried a few games like Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, Tekken 5 etc., they work with at least 50 fps, they work good(not smooth, but good). The problem is, Tekken Tag Tournament runs very slow, like 35-40 fps.

My laptop is:
Intel Core i5, 4210M 2.6 GHz, with turbo boost up to 3.2 GHz,

Can I speed up Tekken Tag and any other games(with 50 fps) with this laptop? I am using Tekken Tag NTSC-J version.

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What's your settings? That spec is a tad weak though.
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turbo does nothing for PCSX2, but you can find some ideas in my sig
These are my settings(language is different, hope you can understand):

If I set the speed hack like this, it gets little more faster, but music gets faster also:

Saiki, I tried your settings, and it now really faster than any other settings. Music works good(some areas, it gets slow, but it's often good). But it's not smooth actually(i can play the game near-smooth now, but I also want to play it smoother, sorry if this sounds selfish to you). I am open for any other suggestions. But I want to say thank you for your help, it got faster. Laugh

Edit: Oh, it works great. Thank you really much. I can play Tekken Tag now!!! I don't know if it gets slow soon, but for now, it works. Smile PS - X PS Square PS - Circle PS Triangle
it will get slow on 4p, but 1v1 should be fine. the 2v2 (aka "TAG") mode can be a little pressing on pcsx2 for some reason
seeing the is laptop make sure you have the power adapter plugged into the laptop and power scheme set to max performance before messing with other settings
Saiki, yea, it is not smooth but at least enjoyable now. Hope other games will work perfectly, I haven't test it. I will test them tomorrow. Smile
tsunami2311, I already did.

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