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Hello there

I've been here for a while now, not as an active user most of the time, but I've checked out the forum from time to time.

What I see quite often, in support/help threads, is that most people start a Topic, without providing basic (required) information, e.g. platform, PCSX2-Version, emulog...

In that case, it mostly ends up with asking first for more informations, before there's even an idea for a solution.

OFC they are the "Read First"-threads, but a lot of people just ignore them.

So, if it's possible from the Forum Software, why not providing some basic template whenever a new Topic gets created?

Example might be:

- OS (Exact Version, 32- or 64bit, etc)
- Hardware Informations
- PCSX2 Version
- Related PCSX2- Configurations
- emulog
- ...

Let me know if that (or something similar) is possible and what you think about it.
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I had a look around and there are addons to do so technically it's possible however it's a better question for other Bug Squad members (I do server admin) if this would be useful in how they handle bug reports.
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