Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven issues
Item usage during gameplay of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is non existent in v1.6.0. You can select the item and aim with it but you cannot use the rope, not to mention the other misc. items do not emerge in gameplay once used. e.g. when you select and aim the throwing star at an enemy, no star is thrown in game, the enemy isn't hit but the item is "used up" and lost. When aiming the rope at a ledge, the aim icon doesn't change color to signal that the rope can be thrown and thus the item cannot be used at all.


Another graphical bug that comes up is in the character selection screen. Characters, when selected, have ghosted images of themselves dying.


I've run Tenchu with various plugins and settings with v1.6.0 and end up with the same results. The game, however, runs perfect in v1.4.0 without any of these issues.

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Hmm, can you try 1.4 but with 1.6 plugins?

Also can you try this build and see if anything changes
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Hi Lightningterror,

As instructed, I copied the v1.4 executable into the v1.6 directory and it runs without any of the gameplay and graphical issues.

Also the build you supplied works perfectly too. None of the previous issues come up in both instances Smile

Thank you!
Hey Lightningterror,

I downloaded the recent v1.7.0-dev-189-g13ff9ab7d dev build and it appears the previous issues I mentioned here have been fixed. Not sure what it was specifically but everything works back to how it's meant to now. 

Thank you!

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