Tenkaichi 3 Automatic Fixes can be improved
The issue in hand is "Misaligned character outlines when upscaling", which you can read here:
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - PCSX2 Wiki

Long story short, I think that the automatic fixes that have been applied to the title are not the ones that should be into place.

Sure, it's better than it was in 1.6.0, but the character outlines still look ugly, and there are better ways to manage this with better hardware fixes settings.

You can see a comparison here.
1st screenshot and 1st GS Dump are from my settings, which uses Textures Offsets X:360 Y:360

2ns screenshot and 2nd GS Dump are from PCSX2 1.7.3833 with automatic fixes applied

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I see what you mean, but we can't apply this automatically since it'll break other effects (can't remember which ones, I don't own this game)
Means while you would be satisfied with this (and other users too), we would have half of the DBZ lovers whining about other bugs that would be cause by this "fix"

Better leave the choice up to them
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