[Tenkaichi 3] Pal and Ntsc problems

I'm a new member of the PCSX2 Community, and I have some questions for you (I search a lot with Google but I don't find answers for my problem).

First, I make an ISO of my PAL version of the game, and get some flickering with it. I convert this ISO to NTSC version, but the background seems to be surexposed (strong gamma), but any other bugs with it.

Second, I buy a NTSC version on Amazon and I make an ISO too. Any flickering problem, but the characters have any shape (or contour line maybe) on their body, and for a DBZ game it is a problem.

Can I find some GSDX plugin to remove these bugs ?

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks a lot for your work.


My specs : (only SSE3 and 4.1 permite me to have Full emulation in Tenkaichi 3 because of my processor)

Core2Quad Q8300 (2.5 ghz)
4 gb Pc 5300

PS : I use only the frame-limiter, no SpeedHacks.

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If you use PAL version,best use GSDX 0.1.5 (or 0.1.4 if 0.1.5 doesn't work) and if you play it in NTSC,you must use Vista and DX 10 in the GSDX options (DX10 hardware),and any newer GSDX

GSDX 0.1.4 and 0.1.5 are older versions of GSDX,and can be found in "GSDX" thread opened by gabest..
Off course I have selected Gsdx10 for my Windows Vista, but the versions you're talking about are very old and use only SSE2 instructions. I have tested these versions too.

But thanks you for your comment.

The NTSC version runs fine with the latest GSDX build (august 2009) but the black contour line problem isn't resolved... I try a lot of GSDX versions.

Need some helpCool

He has exactly the same prob here : http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-4800.html
I know 0.1.5 has only SSE2,but,it's got perfect colors,doesn't it??
I used GSDX 0.1.14 r890 for BT3 in Win7 (that one worked without problem)

For the thread you are referring to,he probably didn't use DX10 as an option in Configure ->Graphic-> Renderer -> DX10(Hardware) is the way it needs to be...

And it shoudln't matter too much is it sse2 or sse3/ssse3 to you..Wink
Yes you're right, 0.1.5 has perfect colors, but my FPS is pretty low (45 is my max when I use native)and with this plugin speed hacks wouldn't be helpful.

For the background gamma, I talk about the PAL version, and I use gsdx10 hardware renderer too.

But I think your solution is the only choice available.

Thanks for your answers.
trust me,turn on Vu Cycle Rate to 2.0 and INTC Hack (check it),just don't use EE Sync rate (it's just under INTC hack)

also,set it to frame skip,and you'll get 100% fps..

And if you don't mind,tell me which version of ATi GPU drivers are you using,since I can't get my game run over 25FPS with 9.7,9.6,9.5 or 8.6...So which version of drivers do you have??

Tnx in advance..Wink

My Catalyst Driver is the 9.7 because it uses multi-threading (I use it in Crysis because of my processor), but I don't think video drivers are the problem.

I have just tried your Hack configuration, and of course I get now full emulation(skip is a little bit annoying for the timing in game). Tenkaichi is now fully playable.

Thanks for your answers man.

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