Tenkaichi 3 - Shiny Checkboard effect
Hello there, I have a certain graphical glitch in Tenkaichi 3, and I don't know how to fix it. I already tried messing with the options but it did no good.

Essentialy, every part that is supposed to be shiny (like Frieza's purple spots, or Cell's black torso) gets instead this weird checkboard effect.

Another user encountered the same problem and asked help on reddit, and the only solution he found was downgrading to PCSX2 1.4.0.

Also, unrelated to this, but my PCSX2 often has small lag spikes or graphical glitches, where the textures just get scrambled around for like half sec dropping in FPS, and then turning back to normal. What might be causing this? I don't have anything open in the background. The PC doesn't have any other speed problem while running PCSX2 aside from this occasional/random graphical glitching+lagging. And I disabled every possible speedhack.

Version: PCSX2 1.7.2, the same happens in 1.6.0
Computer: GPD WIN 3
Here are the specs: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPD_Win_3

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Hi, a small update!

First of all, the crashes and the slowdowns stopped happening as soon as I switched to the new "Vulkan" rendering method of the latest builds, so thanks for that.

The Shiny Checkboard effect on "Shiny" textures sadly it's still there.
I went to the PCSX2 Discord, and they said to me that the game is performing a sort of continuous alpha testing with these textures, and it's something that might not be fixed in the near future.
Not an ideal solution, but there isn't really one right now

Anyway, extract this file to the resources\shaders\opengl folder (in the PCSX2 folder) and use OpenGL, it should look much better, but this could break other games, so maybe back up the one that was there.

If the graphics are completely broken (I dunno if the shaders have changed) then you might need to go back to an old version, around 2187 or something.

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