Terrible visuals in Suikoden V?
Maybe someone can explain this to me, as it's the first and only game I've tried in PCSX2 and come out looking far worse than the original game looks on a SDTV. The colors are a little off on all the textures, there is horrendous artifacting and random trash here and there, like in the middle of the text box. The aliasing is real bad, though in comparison that's mostly the fault of the game, but the res upscale I use has nearly eliminated aliasing issues in about every other game I've tried. But the worst part is the textures have gotten REALLY muddy. Even single color segments now look like they were saved at compression rate 1 in Photoshop or something, with crazy spattering and dithering.

Using GDsx SSE 4.1, tried both versions 0.9.6 beta 1888 and 0.9.7 beta. Both I've set the game to upscale to my native resolution 1680x1050 running in HW DX10, and in the 0.9.7 beta I've tried to use the HW AA, but does absolutely nothing helpful. Also ran tests with texture filtering set to secondary (the 3d only setting) and completely off, as well as allowing and disallowing 8-bit textures, nothing changes.

If need be I'll take some screenshots and then post screen grabs from a TV display to give reference. And just before anyone asks, this cannot be a problem with my computer not being up to snuff or anything, as I just came off playing FFXII ZJS with these exact settings, and it looked 10x's better than the console makes it look.

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The game has somewhat bad quality textures, yeah. I often test it, and it looks fine to me though.
The random text artifacts are caused by upscaling, putting GSdx to native res would fix that.

If you think some scene just can't be right, feel free to post a screenshot of it Smile
It was the first scene of the game that set off a red flag. I promptly tossed it into my PS2 to compare and it doesn't look nearly as bad. May just be because my TV is only SD, but I can't notice any of the muddiness to the textures on it. It's just such a shame, because other games like FF12 and Persona 4 have looked and ran perfectly with no problems (well, barring the need for the special P4 fix)

Hmm, come to think of it, now I'm gonna run the other Suikoden titles through the emulator and see how they look. Be funny if Suikoden 3 actually upscales well while 5 doesn't.
Ok, assuming then that you're just disappointed by the game's texture quality Tongue2

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