Test Drive Unlimited
I am currently experiencing some weird graphical cloudy behavior on the game Test Drive Unlimited.

The weird part is, that the hack Half-Pixel Offset fixes the problem (most of it), but then the picture starts to shake to left & right and makes it feel like you're playing with 20fps even the emulator displays 60fps. Also the Shade boosting works only when HPO is on, otherwise I see no difference here in aswell.

Another thing I noticed is, when setting Mipmapping to "Full" it seems to fix the issue, but then causes another one, like flashing vertikal lines all over the screen...

To visualize what I mean, I have provided the screenshots here: 

CPU: CPU Typ HexaCore Intel Core i7-4930K, 3400 MHz (34 x 100)
GPU: GeForce GTX 770 (2GB)

Any help would be apprechiated.

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