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Test Drive - Won't go past Pong Loading screen
Let's focus on Test Drive first. When you first launch PCSX2 (without opening a game) do you see a menu at the top labeled Config? If you click on that, a list will drop down. Select the first option labeled "Emulation Settings"

Once that window opens, look for a tab on the left labeled "Speedhacks" Once you're in the speedhacks tab, you should see two sliders at the top. Adjust the slider labeled "EE Cyclerate" so that it's positioned all the way to the left at -3. Click Apply to make sure your settings are saved.

Once you've done that you can boot the game. Now all you need to do is press the "F4" key to disable the framelimiter and then press it again once the start menu appears.

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Ok, you're a genius. Thank you so much! Smile Is there a way I can set these settings permanently so I can put this in my dedicated cabinet build and not have to use a keyboard?

What about the F9 key I'm having to press on a lot of games to get them to show. Is there a way to have that done automagically?

Thanks so much,


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