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[Testers Wanted] PCSX2-CE for OS X (v1.0!)
I got a run time error? A line in what looked like Japanese, and it blinked and quit the emulator.


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its easier to put into a video.

hey...I installed wineskin and pcsx2 seems to work great...this is very cool...thanks for help

only problem I am having now is being unable to get to cheats folder to instal a pnach to skip videos in GT4 and i am getting a black screen .....HEEELP

how do I get into drive c\program files etc.....
who knows how to run pnaches on pcsx2 loaded through wineskin
(01-09-2014, 01:36 AM)avih Wrote: ... What we need next is gsdx in sw mode, which currently doesn't work.


We did have SDL support some time ago, which was disabled by default at one stage, and then completely removed from the source code later on.

The latest GSdx which natively supported SDL in SW mode is r5179 (before PCSX2 1.0, but not too much before). I just tested it under wineskin, and it works perfectly! Laugh it's even faster on my 2010 MBA than zerogs (HW OGL), and with zero visual artifacts!

- Get the r5179 build from Orphis' buildbot here:

- Copy the SDL.dll file into the wineskin package at the same directory as pcsx2.exe

- Copy the GSdx dlls from r5179 into the plugins folder inside the wineskin package.

- Configure gsdx from PCSX2 to use SDL 1.3 (software).

Enjoy the latest PCSX2 on OS X in SW mode (with slightly outdated GSdx) as similar to the windows version as it could get!

For now, it's unlikely that we'll add the SDL code again into gsdx. But GSdx has not gone through major changes since v5179, so as far as GSdx SW mode is concerned, it should be pretty similar to the latest version, which is great.
[i7-3630qm/gt650m-2G/Win-7] [i7-4500u/R.HD8850m/Win-8.1] [2010-MBA/OSX-10.9.x]. Scroll smoothly with SmoothWheel for Firefox.
(01-11-2014, 11:45 PM)migik Wrote: how do I get into drive c\program files etc.....
who knows how to run pnaches on pcsx2 loaded through wineskin

Right-click on, then choose "Show Package Contents". After that, navigate to drive_c/Program Files/pcsx2/ and you'll see all the PCSX2 folders including the cheat folder.

(01-13-2014, 09:36 PM)avih Wrote: The latest GSdx which natively supported SDL in SW mode is r5179

Thanks for the tip! I'm working away on it right now. That could be our best bet for OS X for the time being. If so, I'll get it uploaded today!
Hmm.. not sure if it's some random glitch, but when booting into the bios screen (without a disc/iso), I think that gsdx 5179 (with SDL SW mode) showed black screen, but 5164 showed the bios mode OK. When booting into a game (tried ICO only), both versions worked fine.

Not sure if it was just a glitch on my system or not, but would appreciate if someone else could test it on another system. Also note that with wineskin, the "test configuration" button _sometimes_ showed me a black screen when starting pcsx2, but when I ran it from the packaged app itself, it worked fine. Not sure what the issue is...
[i7-3630qm/gt650m-2G/Win-7] [i7-4500u/R.HD8850m/Win-8.1] [2010-MBA/OSX-10.9.x]. Scroll smoothly with SmoothWheel for Firefox.
Even after applying the patch given by avih, the Emulator crashes on me, whenever I load an .iso. No message given. Just starting the .iso and byebye. No chance. ZeroGS shreds the graphics to pieces, other Plugin seems to work fine but has no Video output. Any ideas?

Here are my settings, just to be sure:

[Image: cXgC6rR.png]
Bootcamp is a pain because it only uses the one GFX card, so I had pretty much given up on playing my old PS2 games after a while. However, this works great.

Except, I am getting lag issues. While playing the PC side, I would hover around 60fps for at least 15 minutes before it would start dropping. After about 30 minutes of play, it would stop and stay around 35fps.

When using this version, it just starts at 35 fps and moves up to 60 only periodically. What settings are the best to lower to ensure a static 60fps gameplay?
I'd love to test it, I actually only got my 2013 MBA i7/8GB a week ago so I'm keen to try out new things.

Will this work for Mavericks? 10.9.1 is my version

I play games in French/Italian so maybe I can provide more multi language feedback that might not be common around here Smile

Hopefully this will work on my MBA...?

Latest edit: Downloaded perfectly and installed easy. Run first testing game "Evil Twin" and it's loaded fine. I probably need to configure this but has anybody figured out how to enter into fullscreen mode? Mine refuses to do it :/

In addition the music and graphics get a bit choppy. I'm using the Zero graphics plugin for both graphics and sound. Can anybody give me some configuration tips? Please and thank you. Smile

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