Testing results for Beta SVN 609 VTLB
With the new beta out I did some performance tests with the games I've got installed on Pcsx2. Comparisons made with Pg 1.0.0395 VM (Pg VM from now on). My tests for now included going through quickly accessible major game functions from save states as well as running 10-15 mins from a New Game. Each game was run with settings that worked well for me on Pg VM, speed hacks on and stuff.

Gladius - seems to work as Pg VM
Persona 3 FES - seems to work as Pg VM
FFXII - seems to work as Pg VM
FFX - seems to work as Pg VM
Disgaea 2 - seems to work as Pg VM

Performance is fast all over the board. All the above games were PAL versions and I went up to max FPS on all of them, with the occasional slow to 95% on P3FES battle effects. No problems detected even running with x2 speed hacks. It's sweet enough for me to get off the VM version altogether.

Funnily enough with my testing this time, I seem to have found a actual bug from Persona 3 FES itself:
In combat, when I went to switch personas and pressed Square to view a persona's abilities, I accidentally mashed both X and Circle when I wanted to leave the persona screen with Circle. The result was control going back to the battle spin menu with the persona stats still remaining in view blocking combat from sight. After trying a few times I managed to replicate this on my real PS2 as well. Laugh

Anyway, I guess these aren't the most problematic games around but I suppose these are to report that nothing seems broken. I hope someone can reply with tests for others.

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With all of those game, I think the speed is a little slower, but the graphic performance is greater ( I don't get any blackscreen that happened in some screen with VM version ).
My Persona 3 FES NTSC it's still 8 fps slower with the VTLB version.

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