Text letters and graphic problems.
Hello there!

I have problems with the letters. I try with all graphic plugins and configuring it, but there's no way.

I also want to know if i can remove those pieces of "black graphics errors".

I leave an attached image in wich you can see the errors.

Can you please tell me how to solve it? thanks.

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I had this problem with zerogs plugin

Try using the Gsdx1.15 plugin
What game is that? Try checking the "native" checkbox in GSdx and also unchecking the "Texture Filtering" on it. Please also tell us your PC specs and PCSX2/Plugin settings.
goto grafic plugin and active logarithmic Z
wow how old is that gsdx? Tongue update your plugins.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Problems like these are usually solved by "logarithmic Z" and "Alpha correction"..
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The game is wild arms alter code f, a remake of the first wild arms for the psone.
Text glitches get fixed by using native resolution in GSdx, maybe also by disabling bilinear filtering.
The missing geometry is a known bug in pcsx2, and we're working on it.
What's the latest version of GSX plugin? Thank you very much about all the answers, I get surprised about it.

I'll try all of this when I get the last version. Thanks again.
First post of the thread named "GSdx" has it. It's in plugins discussion.
Oh, it runs, thank you all very much. I just have to readjust a few parameters to solve another problem.

Thank you again.

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