Text looking awkward
Hello guys,
I'm now to these forums, and have tried to search for a problem similar like mine, but haven't found anything.
I have a problem with the text rendering on Disgaea, might be other
games aswel.

I'm using GSDx SSSE3 0.1.14, DirectX 9
When running it in native res, my text looks fine. But when I try increasing the D3D internal res, just to get some better visuals, my text becomes pretty warped. A friend of mine, who is running on DX10, doesn't have this problem, but did have the problem when he tried using the DirectX 9 plugin.
A minor annoyance, maybe, but still nice to check if someone knows a fix for it : )
(NLOOP Hack is gray switched on. Texture filtering is on. Wait vsync is on. Logarithmic Z is on. Alpha correction is on. Playing in Wondowed, Direct3D9 Hardware, Pixel Shader 3.0. Interlacing: None. Aspect Ratio: 16:9)
My Specs are:
-Windows XP Home SP3
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
-4GB Ram
-Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2

[Image: ps1p.th.jpg]

[Image: ps2a.th.jpg]

Thank you for reading.

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Some games just dont like their internal resolution being changed, nothing you can do about it really Sad
If you have AA on, Ive noticed while playing Disgaea that you get that effect, try turning off AA and see if it helps. Also try playing a bit with the interlacing, sometimes that does the trick with that game.
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2x Nvidia 8600 GTS 256mb in SLI
2x 250gb hdds
If it's not what the other guys said before, try to play with the aspect ratio, it's possible that some games don't like the upscaling from 4:3 to 16:9. Try with 4:3 aspect ratio. Also, did you put the same values in the two boxes in internal resolution ? If not, the text in some games may be altered if you don't put the same 2 values in internal res, don't know for Disgaea but I already had this problem on other games.
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There is no such problem in Disgaea 2 at any res Oo Never tried 1 though.
If the 'issue' is not there with the native resolution this is NOT a bug. Native is how the PS2 is supposed to render the gfx,thus the most compatible mode.
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