Texture Editing..? [Is it possible?]
Are there any possible ways for me to edit textures on PCSX2? For creative reasons. Dolphin, the Gamecube/Wii emulator has this functionality, and I've used to to do character modifications and menu modifications, and I was wondering if this emulator had any sort of version of that.

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No, PCSX2 doesn't directly support such functionality.

Such activity falls squarely in the realm of ROM hacking. It's doable, but really comes down to whether the game's textures can be decrypted, edited, then repacked into the .ISO file.
Would you know if it's possible in Kingdom Hearts? More specifically, the title re-released in Japan as 'Final Mix'. Or is this something that isn't supported on this particular forum?
Are you wanting an English translation?


I'm not entirely sure what sort of texture edits you want.
Say, recoloring characters, or weapons. Oh, and that's 'Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix', not the first title, they haven't translated the first one, I believe.
I did some digging, and it seems most of the hacking efforts have been concentrated on KH2 and KH:BBS. So I'm sorry, but I don't think there are any hacking tools available for KH1.
Ah. That's alright.
You want texture modeling like in most N64 emulators? Such as these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHXyQOXsV...ure=relmfu

I want to say that was possible because of the way N64 did things and that it might not even be remotely possible with the way the PS2 does things but I could easily be wrong about that fact.
With the caveat that I have no idea what I'm talking about, I think it might have had less to do with the N64 itself and more with the maturity of the N64 emulation scene. N64 emulation became completely functional while the N64 itself was still a relevant console, so emu authors had the luxury of focusing on things like texture replacement. Also N64 games had terrible textures by default and that created a large amount of interest early on in texture replacement projects.
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(05-16-2012, 02:50 AM)Jickler Wrote: Also N64 games had terrible textures by default and that created a large amount of interest early on in texture replacement projects.

Which automatically makes me want to launch into a lecture on how poorly the N64's rendering systems were designed, and how AWESOME the l33t coders from companies like Rareware were creating games like Perfect Dark using only 4kb of texture cache.

Long story short, due to the simplicity (relative) of the N64's rendering pipeline, emulators are able to replace the textures before they are mapped. This allows significant visual improvements in some games. However, due to a lack of common standards, texture replacement for N64 isn't really a common practice, and often requires the use of outdated video plugins.

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