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Texture dumping
Well if we have worked around the legality then can we help this guy? You coulden't use something LIKE Artmoney but instead of changing code you figure out what texture it represents then extract. I'm a noob talking out my arse btw. Probably not even possible.

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(09-20-2011, 10:14 PM)Fezzer Wrote: Your taking my oxygen, see you in court.
that's a good one. Laugh

@topic. I don't think it's illegal as long as there's no explicit copyright warning somewhere or for specific elements like artworks and stuff. brands and their logos are usually protected. this' the only legit exception. but else there's not much against dumping the "generic" content. but ofcourse honor it is to ask the developers about the usage or credit them for using explicit themed game artworks for any private project. by that rule commercial use is usually forbidden anyway or costs a lil fee for the artists work if they notice it. that's what I think.
Oh My Just God!!!
Let me clear my purpose.I do own my game and I live in a country where copyright things is way more and more lose than USA.
Strictly it is non-commercial.It is just personal matter.
I would not mind if someone get my file n copy it hundred times and torrent it thousand time etc etc etc.I dont have that allergy.It is just fun!!
Now about my purpose.
Dont laugh at first plz,I am just learner.
OK.In short I am trying to do a mini map.And it is basically a nice sup of shadow of colossus,god of war and prince of persia.I would be fun,if kratos do some sword or prince ride on minotour.ha ha ha.LaughLaughLaugh
I heard that dolphin has one texture dumper,though I didnt try it.
My nunchuck has goneAngryAngryAnyway wii doesnt have a god of war(why the hell big $ do exclusive all the time,can someone explain?GlareGlare).
I dont know,could I do it through jpcsp?I have a psp-1000 fat model.Dumping through psp ram would be nice.But how to do that,any way around?
Well if none of those work,I will probably take photo of mine while I am angryLaughLaugh,though camera could broke anyway.
Hit me if any of you found a way.If you still think it is illegal or you think that it may create trouble to pcsx2(my babe),dont forget to say to me.I will go silent.Thanks.
PS:sry for bad english.aint native.
well if u want to extract the textures to make your own movie, I guess it's okay, I mean if u look at all those online video walkthroughs from games like Persona 3/4 Sony hasn't sue any of them, problably cause you didn't edited anything or they don't mind u do it that way.
looks like some one ask this before:
Imo it still would be smart to write an email to Sony or the developers of the game and ask them if it's okay Smile

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