Texture problem with FFX+Code breaker
when i start FFX after starting from codebreaker, part of the texture is gone
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How to fix

[Image: Untitled.png]

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really? no help on here?
Do you need to use codebreaker for some particular reason? Would be best to use the internal patching system if launching it without it works.
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yes i do
what is internal patching
and if i just start ffx textures r fine but no supah cheats r on Sad
Try using FFXED instead of Codebreaker. Alternatively, you could learn how to apply codes the right way for PCSX2, but using FFXED will be easier.
yea...i tried learning that applying code thing...never got it to work but then if i use FFXED what about uh Star Ocean? only problem with star ocean is starting the game from codebreaker just massively lags the game abnd my speed hax r up 2x and the little bar experimental thing on the right is half way
use the latest beta it fixes the texture issue, i dunno about if it does after use with codebreaker, But it's worth a shot.
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The problem is that pcsx2/gsdx uses the crc that he fist get and the first crc is the crc of code breaker.The fix for FFX is applied by using the crc and since the crc is different when you start CodeBreaker than the FFX one,the fix for your problem is not applied.
i have no idea what u said vsub
Uhm basically the missing geometry bug is fixed by PCSX2 using the game's CRC which is like the unique identifier of the game (so like it reads the disc, detects it being FFX and applies the fix), problem is when you run the emulator with codebreaker first, the Codebreaker CRC is the one that will be working so there's no fix applied to FFX because the emulator just isnt seeing it being FFX at all. (this is also your problem with Star Ocean as GSdx does a slowdown fix based on the game's CRC and it's not seeing it as being Star Ocean)

I think you'd do better learning to convert the codes to pnatch files as you may encounter problems like this in other games as well anyway.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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