Textures dumped in small bits
Hi. I've been trying to find a way to rip the images from this one visual novel on the PS2 called ラムネ ~ガラスびんに映る海. It was originally for the PC, and when they made the PS2 version they added new content that has remained exclusive to the console. I tried to go the route of archive extraction and made some good progress, but in the end was stuck trying to decrypt the final image files.

So I thought of using the texture dumping feature in PCSX2. It works, however, the images get dumped in small slices, and they seem to be named in a completely arbitrary order, so I don't know of a way I could automate the stitching together of the small chunks into the original image.

Is there a known strategy for extracting images that exhibit this behavior when dumping? Any help would be appreciated.

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