Textures flying everywhere! I can't see a thing! ):
Hey, I recently started playing Siren, and on a lot of the levels in the game the textures from above flood the screen, usually its not too bad but I've gotten to this one level thats built entirely vertically, so I can't really see a thing ):


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under Config -> Advanced, try putting the clamping on full for the VU and EE.

I think EE just says "Full" but VU will say "Full + Extra Sign"
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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Wow, thats creepy stuff.. And no, not the weird polygones (We call 'em SPS Tongue2 ).
You could wait a month or 2 with this game. Could be the new vu recompiler is ready till then,
and it might fix all of these problems Wink

Oh, and in addition to what Refraction suggested, also try the 4 different roundmodes for the VUs.
Yeah xD Siren is a pretty creepy game.. thats what I love about it...

Thank you both for your advice, it has helped a little bit. The game is playable, but I still see some "SPS"? o: Still, thanks a lot Smile

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