Thank you PCSX team !
Hello !

I tried PCSX2 a few days ago, out of curiosity, not thinking the PS2 could be well emulated that soon (especially where no Saturn emulator are really fonctional yet... and as complicated a hardware the Saturn may be, I'm pretty sure PS2 is even worst)

I was quite surprised with what I found : an emulator that just work. Fullspeed even with the latest games, quite straightforward to configure (even though a list of speed hack/optimisation settings accepted by each game would be nice), and well, clearly not finished yet but very usable.

I'd like to say though that I wouldn't describe MGS3 as "playable" (the early game is ok, but as I got caught into the game and went to the first marsh, which is replaced by pretty randomly-colored pixels which, while giving a nice gay-friendly touch to the game, won't let the player see where he's going. Beside, the game tend to freeze sometime while exiting the radio... I doubt you can go all the way to the end of the game)

Anyhow, thanks to you guys I can play my games on true 1080p (haha, even the "next gens" can't reach that without upscaling !), which look much much much better on my HDTV than the real PS2. I'm really rediscovering my games, it's like I'm playing a next-genish remake of Final Fantasy XII !

So really, thanks you guys for the (probably insane amount of) time and effort you've put into that software, some people out there are grateful.

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we really should be grateful for the amazing job that PCSX2 Team have been doing for years, including the coders and beta-testers.

as for the Saturn emulator, SSF is an excellent emu, I've played many Saturn games and they all have worked flawlessly.

try to download it here:
Yes, I would like to take the place well again. I see that you continue to develop and after the version 0.94 I hope abandoned. Now my desire to run games almost without any problems ... =)
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