Thank you for this wonderful emu
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I had DL'd it some time back on a different comp, then upgraded the comp since. I didnt have the pcsx2 on this comp, so re-downloaded it in hopes I could get screenshots for a Sengoku era website, which will feature the Nobunaga's Ambition series. As I could not find a tool to extract the portraits (like PSicture can for PSX games), my last resort was an emulator.

My expectations for the quality of screenshots was certainly exceeded, and the F8 tool allows me to take shots and keep playing to get another.

I would sincerely like to thank all the people who helped develop the pcsx2 emulator and the plugins.

I would like to note that I have the DVD in the drive, not an illegal rom.

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Glad you enjoy it. We do, too! Tongue2
I also want to thank all you guys who made this emulator. I haven't tried it yet (the new version; 0.9.8) but I thank you none the less because I was like crazy just looking at the pcsx2 homepage everytime I surfed the net to check for any changes/new updates (the 0.9.7 beta was so cool.. =) For a time I was afraid the project was already abandoned =( But you still continue it despite gaining nothing ($) from it. Thank you very much guys!! I pray all of your endeavors become successful and I wish you all a happy life! Thanks! You make life much less harder to go through. =)

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