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Dear Programmers,

I haven't seen one of these threads so...

Thanks for PCSX2, I've been using it pretty regularly for about a year now and I think it's fantastic.

Played through FFX & Okami with it, was great to see these games at full speed with much improved screen resolution. I tried playing some other games with it but my PC just wasn't fast enough, which is fair enough. I'm crossing my fingers that one day I'll see some quad or more core support so that it's easier to get games going at full speed, as I don't see any dual cores doing substantially more then my E8400 @ 4.3GHz.

But above all else, thanks. The work so far is extremely impressive and it's brought me a lot of hours of joy.

The Internet
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PS: Good show for making the source available. Shame ePSXe stays closed source, I think there'll be a lot of games it'll likely never run because of this.

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Just for the record there is one of this threads Tongue

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