The Bouncer (NTSC) freeze, beatable with workaround.
I've seen several post related to this topic, but I haven't seen an explantion as to why does this happen.
I've been playing The Bouncer (NTSC, using an ISO rather than the DVD itself), using 5413SVN as it gets rid of certain audio issues.
My specs, should that be important, are Core2 quad extreme @2,6 Ghz, 32 bits Windows Vista (fully updated), 4 GB RAM (3,7 usable), and a GeForce 8800 GTX. The game runs just fine at 3x, with very minor slowdowns when there are too many enemies on screen, but nothing serious or distracting.

However, upon arriving at a certain point in the game, (to keep it as spoiler free as possible, I'll say it's right after scorting a character to an elevator and fighting a boss there), after the cutscenes, when loading the next stage, it will freeze if using the GSdx32 plugin. It doesn't matter if it's the v5412, or the v5350, or using the 1.1.0 version of the emu, or software mode, nor there is difference between dx9 or dx10. It is like it won't be able to display or call the graphic assets after loading them.
The emulator keeps working, but the graphics window can't be closed, nor can be the emu, and the GSdx options can't be accessed. It's just like the plugin is busy doing some work, and won't allow the emu to do anything until having done so, but never getting to actually do it. It is not that it displays glitchy graphics or anything, it's just that it doesn't go past the loading screen.

It doesn't seem to be an ISO reading problem, not an emulator problem, rather than a problem with the GSdx32 plugin, because using the Zero GS plugin, or(, following another topic advice,) the old GSdx10 v1.4 will get past the loading screen and the game will proceed as normal.

What kind of problem is the GSdx32 plugin having? Any ideas as why does this happen?

Here's my workaround:
1-Downloaded GSdx10 v1.4 for the sake of a minimum of quality (Zero GS can get past this error too, but the emulation is faulty and there are graphic artifacts).
2-Played using GSdx32 v5412 up until scorting certain character to an elevator and fighting the boss there. Watched the cutscene and saved the game.
3-Exited the emulator (reseting the virtual console will cause the game not to load the audio from the dialogues for some reason, and it will freeze during cutscenes, but if the emulator is closed, then opened again, everything works just fine), reopened it and changed to GSdx10 v1.4
4-Played using GSdx10 v1.4 past the boss fight with a panther aboard a spaceship (GSdx32 v5412 will freeze at any savepoint between step 2 and this). Then saved and exited the emulator.
5-Changed back to GSdx32 v5412, loaded the game and played normally. The game can be beat, completed, saved and then played in extra mode normally.

Even if there is a way to complete it, it requires a plugin that is no longer included with the emu, so this is no proper way to play it.
I can provide my memcard file if needed. I have a couple of saves between the elevator part and the panther fight that have that issue. It's weird, as it just has this loading issue with these areas right before the spaceship, rather than random stages here and there, and it doesn't happen after that.

Also, should this go here, or as a bug report? There's a Bug report topic for this game, but it's listed as "solved / closed", and it refered to the audio issue, not this one.

EDIT: I found the same thing to happen with the game Mercenaries. It freezes right from the start, but won't if using GSdx10 v1.4. Is shows way too many graphic gitches in GSdx10 v1.4, though.

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A memory card would be nice, yea Tongue2
(09-19-2012, 01:10 AM)rama Wrote: A memory card would be nice, yea Tongue2

Here you have: a gamesave right before the issue. Load the game, enjoy the cutscene, then, when it starts loading the next area... the freezing!

Hope it helps Smile

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Also, should you need saves in any point between this, and the point in the game when the issue dissapears, I can create a memcard with several saves.

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