The Emulator Glitches Out...
No matter what game I try! I even tried other emulators, but this one has the worse issues

With the game The Darkest Faerie, there were lines on the screen, red lines, and messed up audio, plus slow movement

With the game Spyro:A Hero's Tail, it would repeatedly slow down and speed up, this messed with game play, cutscenes, and audio
it happened during gameplay, cutscenes, and even during the title screen :/

Other emulators did the same

I was told it could be my processor and I hope not! I really wanna play these games :c anyone have advice? 

Here's my specs

Processor: Intel ® Pentium ® CPU G3260T @ 1.90GHz

Installed Ram: 4.00GB
[Image: jmrq16]
System Type: 64 Bit

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics

Windows Version: 10

Bios I am using
[Image: jmrpbm]

Plugins I am using (It came with these)
[Image: jmrpil]

Emulator Settings/Config (Even with the changes I have tried, nothing has worked)
[Image: jmrpsr]
[Image: jmrpv7]
[Image: jmrq16]
[Image: jmrq1y]
[Image: jmrq5j]

Performance Screen Shots (Didn't do all of them since its not got much difference)
[Image: jmrqzl]
[Image: jmrr3y]
[Image: jmrrb3]
[Image: jmrrfr]

It works just fine with no lag when set on None (Core Bench Marking) But the screen then goes black or flat out freezes

Example Here (Showing performance and issues) 
Frozen: [Image: jmrrke]
Black: [Image: jmrrv5]

Example Of The Lines Here
[Image: jmrsf1]

And oh another issue I almost forgot! on all my spyro roms, even my PS1 Emulators spyro roms
The audio is missing for some bits, or it just goes out even! any idea why?

Also if you have a fix for the issues I am having with the PS2 emulator, I would be very happy, if its my pc then sadly there's not much I can do :c I dont exactly have the money for a gaming pc, my family is poor and I got my current pc during christmas thanks to lay away :/ 

anyways, any advice?

anyways one last recap on everything

List of Problems
.Lines On Screen During One Game, With ANY Settings
.Screen Goes Black With The Only Settings That Work, On All Games
.Speeding Up and Slowing Down Repeatedly, On All Games
.Missing Audio/Audio Cutting Out, On A Few Games (Sometimes audio also messes up at the start or beginning of a sentence when a character is talking, making it hard to understand)

My PS1 Emulator only has the audio issues and it just started

Here's how it runs, and what its using
Bios: [Image: jmrtnf]
Graphics Settings: [Image: jmrtxr]
Audio Settings: [Image: jmruax]

Side noteWackoome options in the graphics settings will cause my CPU to shoot up to the 90s while most settings dont

Shown Here, with my PS1 Emulator, No issues
[Image: jmrui8]

And here is using Intel® HD Graphics and Direct3D11 (Hardware)  on the PS2 Emulator
[Image: jmruue]

[Image: jmruvt]

Some options cause a worse effect on my CPU, while some cause less

with the PS1 Emulator, no options cause an issue as far as I am aware

Now, with all the info I have provided
Can you guys help me find out what's wrong with my PS2 Emulator? if its my pc, is there anyway to fix it? that doesn't require me buying something (i.e a new part)
My pc is an All In One HP Pavilion so a new part might not even be an option ;; I know nothing about pcs either

If any screen shots dont work, let me know
If you would like to contact me somehow, outside the site, to assist me, please tell me! I'd appreciate the assistance

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I tried to fix a spelling error where an emoji messed up a word but the site wont let me :/

annnd i cant even edit my own comment, wow..well I need to say that one image I posted is in the wrong spot, but the site is now messing up :/
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