The Force Unleashed bugs :GSDX:
Hi everyone! Someone suggested that I should make a new thread instead of asking in the GDSX topic so here is the original post:

I wanted to ask about the known bugs in SW: The Force Unleashed. The first being half of the screen missing (hardware) and second the transparency of the hud textures (software/hardware) .

My questions would be:Are these bugs GSDX or PCSX 2 related (as far as I know the first one is GSDX and second PCSX2 I would like to know if that is correct)? Is there a known way to fix those but was not implemented for some reason (like a general goals set before making such changes) or has no one yet attempted to fix them because of more urgent problems?

I also found this link when searching the forums:

Does anyone know which rev./beta the OP is talking about?

I have this game for he PC and PS2 and the PS2 one is far superior for me and it would be cool to be able to play that version on my PC.

I was also thinking about trying to fix the problem myself. I have very little coding experience though so any tips and/or help would be very much appreciated.

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