The Getaway 3d models
I've been using pcsx2 for a long time now...
Lately I startet dicking around with some ps2-disc files and found that many games use ".pak" files.
I'd really like to extract/view some of the 3d models from "The Getaway" (cars etc.), but no program seems to be able to extract those/open the .pak files wich contain the models... (also tried 3d ripper DX along with PCSX2)...

thanks for help Happy

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this is more of "Tools" discussion than emulator support, so i'm moving it to the correct section.
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Thanks dude^^
(sorry for posting in the wrong section Wink )
no ideas? Sad
This is rarely talked about but there have been some attempts, iirc.
Try searching for a "FFX model viewer".
I tried some FFX model viewer progs, but the either require FF installed or still cant open those damn "The Getaway" pak-files -.-
(but thank you for trying to help Smile )

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