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The PCSX2 team's statement regarding the "DamonPS2" emulator
Anyway, Damonps2 is not a lot faster or more compatible than Play! on mobile phones, nothing that can justify 10 $. Not to mention that a Bios file is needed for it, a shame for a paid emulator.
And about the TechUtopia's video, only a few games were test so this is not realy helpfull after all.

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Not to mention, they picked TechUtopia to review, a bosnian channel with bout 47k subs which is #$&@ in the sea compared to more renowned guys like Simply Austin, Digital Foundry, John GodGames etc., not really great for PR coverage.
EDIT: Yeah, i know John GodGames doesn't do reviews and just gameplay showcases, but i meant in a sense showing off to big audience.
i didnt know any of this, intresting read, 10$ for somthing that dont any better then play!? that and there using source code not there and claiming it is and profiting from it?
They have their facebook. Here:
I never agreed with the PCSX2 team on much of anything especially when it came to the performance of PCSX2. In fact at one point if I'm not mistaken I think I got so frustrated I said something along the lines of "no matter how much hardware you throw at PCSX2 it would still run like crap due to how poorly optimized it is." I'm truly sorry for making such a harsh comment.

That aside I just want you guys to know I fully support you in your fight against the developer of this ridiculous Android emulator. First of all I don't support anything that requires a fee to play. That's no different than what these moronic console manufacturer's have done with charging a fee to play online. Second mobile devices are complete garbage and I just find it stunning how stupid and greedy this developer is and what they'll try and do to make money.

Sincerely []HP[]Hawkeye

By the way I wish you guys the best in your next stable release of PCSX2.
Thanks []HP[]Hawkeye, all is forgiven and thank you for the support Smile
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The only simple reason they are doing this for is that it works and is a very easy way to make money, and even tho i will not buy it there will be other 1000 stupids/dumbs that will, and that is exactly what they are looking for.
Also, since they are Chinese, they are masters of copying stuff and finding loopholes to evade being caught, the reason they took the app down is that they most likely haven't found the loophole yet.
Also Google Play Store is the best platform on which to do this considering how many ripoffs there are on it of practically everything under the sun and Google doesn't do anything about it unless it's a huge public scandal (and why would they since they get a cut out of every purchase).

I have been with PCSX2 since the days of 0.9.1 and i know how much work has been put into it, by the developers, by the users reporting bugs, by the people maintaining this forum (which i am currently just a lurker in).

You have a long battle to fight and to that i can only wish the PCSX2 team a sincere: Good Luck Smile .

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