The Punisher BEST SETTINGS PCSX2 1.6.0
So I have played this game for years and after coming back and doing some research and testing I have found the perfect settings for this game to fix it's framerate, fog and slowing issues and some of it's lighting issues. 

The best settings for this THE PUNISHER (PS2) now are: 

GS VERSION: MVSC2 19.25 (I use AVX2)

Change texture filtering to PS2 ; in HW hacks - turn on merge sprite and skipdraw 1

Total Settings List: 

Emulation Settings:

EE/IOP = Chop Zero/Full
VUs = Chop Zero/Extra + Preserve Sign
EE Cycle: None. Turn it off.
Other Hacks: INTC, Wait Loop, MVU Flag, MVTU

GS Window: Fit To Screen & 16:9 both work. FMV Widescreen Patch is optional;  Disable window resize border, always hide mouse cursor.

Plugin Settings

Direct3D11 (Hardware)
Allow 8 Bit Textures
Mipmapping: Automatic
CRC Hack: Aggressive
DATE Accuracy : Fast
Blending: Basic
HW HACKS: Fast Texture Validation, Disable Depth Emulation, Skipdraw Range 1, Merge Sprite, Half Pixel (Special), Round Sprite (Full)
Shaders optional.

Resolution 3x Native is best though you can use 2x or much higher depending on your PC ability. 

i7-10875H CPU @ 2.30GHz (16 CPUs)
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super

I hope this helps you all and general feedback is welcome, though I have only come here to pass on this knowledge now.

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wouldn't it be better to use 1.7 QT instead ?
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