"The Specified Bios was not found" Error
Hello all. I'm trying to set PCSX2 to play some games but I cant manage to do so. I'm under Windows Vista, Core 2 Duo (3.20Ghz) and an ATI4870.

The problem I have is that I try to run a game (I'll load the ISO with Daemon Tools) and then hit Run, but I get this "Specified Bios was not found" error. I'll leave you a pic:

[Image: 65340432.jpg]

What's wrong? Thanks.

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you need the bios wich you have to rip from your ps2
[Image: 1454055.png]
(08-31-2009, 07:34 PM)Paisa90 Wrote: (I'll load the ISO with Daemon Tools)

Also, don't do this. Use the alternate CD/DVD plugin that's designed for images.

Trying to play through Daemon Tools causes funky crashes for absolutely no benefit. Even having the ISO mounted is enough to stop PCSX2 from working, so when you get it running make dead sure to unmount it completely before playing.
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