The actual setting for PCSX2 0.9.7 for these game
Heya, new here and also first time trying an actual emulator, i have been configuring of all the options in the pcsx2 for some of my games (using the configuration guide) and certain configuration is actually good! but then suddenly after restarting the emulator again the same bug arises... im quite confuse with the setting and all..

For now im trying to play Grandia 2 on the PCsx2 0.9.7 3876, and my only problem for now:
1) is the Black Line during FMV.
2) Grey area during battle scene.

So when i configure it, sometimes the Black line is gone but the grey area appear and when i configure yet again! the grey area dissapear but the Black line reappear again. Thus can anyone please help with what setting should i have for Grandia 2.

Here are my stats; p/s im using a notebook for now for this emulator however my notebook is good enough to play COD2: modern warfare 1 and 2 on high setting and also L4d2 and Dead Space.

CPU: ULVSU7300 (can boost until 1.75ghz)
GPU: Nvidia 210m 512mb gdrr3
RAM: 4GB DDr3 1066mhz
Display: 15.4 inch with widescreen 16:9.

For the emulator GS setting im using DX10(hardware) plugin.

p/s: there are the future game that i will be trying after playing grandia 2.
Ar Tonelico Series
Resident Evil OutBreak Series.
Mana Khemia 1 and 2.
Makai Kingdom.
Tales Of Legendia or maybe Abyss

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Downloaded BIOS in screenshot.

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