The best SVGA for Final Fantasy X
Hello guy!

I have a question for you!

I and other people noted a problem with Final fantasy X also SVGA of 512 mega!

The game speed is of 50 fps! But when the pg or monster use a magic : fire , antima , special attack of valefor. The fps slow down to 10 fps. Someone know a good SVGA for play a good speed forever Final Fantasy X?

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Just reduce the resolution.

If you want to get a new GPU it doesn't have to be something fancy. Even an old Geforce 8800GT is sufficient for all games at modest resolutions ( 1024x1024 ).
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what are you pcsx2 settings and your cpu specs?
System Specs:

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ @ 2.20Ghz | 1 GB RAM | NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE 512MB | Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit

my hardware are!

CPU: Intel Dual Core 6300 1,60 ghz
SVGA:geForce 7100GS 128 mega
Ram:2 giga

i use pcsx2 395 X3(is the better how speed)

I use this configuration!

Gsdx 1.9 rev 846 SSSE3 with DX9 PS3 Internal res of (768x768) Nloop Hack checked twice + Tex Filter checked + FBA checked .

P.E.Ops.S. SPU2 1.9.0 with no misc options checked + no reverb + interpolation (2) .

LillyPad 0.9.2 for joystick

Linuzapzz 0.7.0

All Cpu Options set (EErec + MTGS + DC mode)

Speed Hacks (PCSX2 rev 384 X3)

Disable Forced ABS = on
EE/IOP Sync Hack (X2) = on
EE/IOP SYnc Hack (X3) = on
Denormals are Zero = on

i use the newest version but the speed is low!

The game speed is 50 fps ! But when i use a magic fire , antima the fps slow down to 11 fps what is the problem?
The problem is your way too weak computer specs.
There's nothing much you can do, you even have the bad speedhacks already enabled.
upgrade your graphic card to some decent like 8800GT.
and also try overclocking your CPU to at least 2.4ghz.
then FFX should work fine.
Good! I try it!

But i find that you use the resolution of 768 x 768(native disabilited) or down that magic don't slow down ! But there are grapich error with the word and pg status!

But I change for strong my PC!
A OT question!
my motherboard is P65 Platinium Series MS-7238(V1.x)

the 8800 GT or up Ge force SVGA(Ge Focre 9800 GTX+) is compatible with this motherboard?
Not slowdown with that setting in res. Of gsdx, because your grapich card/SVGA at optimum performance in process without degradetion.
For that vgacard, Make sure your mobo support Pcix.16x (reccomanded with pcix.2.0) or pcix.8x.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
Try gsdx 0.1.7
it works well with FFX...

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