The beta rocks...
Hey, not sure if this is the right place for it, but I'm kinda pressed for time and finally found a few minutes to get online and just offer my 2 cents about the latest beta.

Freakin' rocks dammit ! :-)

This is the absolute FIRST version of any PS2 Emu that gives me a playable framerate - playing Castlevania Lament of Innocence just like i am sitting in front of an actual PS2..

So just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the team...

Now if they can just get cheats / patches working ( yeah, I said it, lol...)

Couldn't be happier with this....

( reason I don't have alot of time to get online is because I'm in Haiti, internet is crap and extremely expensive and I'm really not terribly employed at the moment.. today is a day of leisure because it's a national holiday and everything is closed so I have time to track down a wifi spot and screw around...)

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