The getaway problems
Here are some screenshots of what's happening:

When I am actually able to play the game I get 60fps in some directions and 1-10 fps in others. Anyone know what's wrong?

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Try the latest beta, the compatibility list says it is playable with 0.9.7
I just did and it appears to be doing the same thing.
no solution?
PC specs? PCSX2 settings?

Try with "native" in GSdx or a software renderer.
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Using a software renderer fixes the graphical glitches and low fps, but now it seems to be playing in slow motion at around 20fps. Any fixes?
no ideas?
well if it only works in software mode then you must live with the slow speeds sorry. speedhacks will help a little but not even close to playable
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I decided I would give Gta:liberty city stories a try considering the compatibility page says its "playable". It's doing the exact same thing, when i look towards the ocean i get 60fps and when i look towards the city i get 10fps. What's going on?
City has lot more polygons,more textures,so there is fps drop
Vice City Stories works just like that on my PC,just live with that or play the game on ps2

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