The hunt for FFX Debug menu
Hello guys I was wondering if anyone of you would like to help me scourer
Final fantasy 10 International for the debug menu

If you want to know what the full debug menu looks like for final fantasy 10 then google

Prototype debug menu.

As of right now there is only one clue for this trail of bread crumbs and it is this code

If you have:
gametitle=Final Fantasy X - International (J) [SLPS_250.88] [658597E2]

and use these codes in

658597E2.pnach file you can test out the partial debug menu

//Must Be On Code

//Debug Mode

Master code may not be needed but it works

first enable the cheat then start ffx normally then load a save.

Most of the debug menu is broken except the camera selection where you get to roam around in a partially rendered environment as Auron.

Here is the proof of concept video.

This is a unlisted video so only people who find the link here will see it.

My goal is to find the cheat code to enable the real debug menu because we know its in the game but we only saw it in a prototype game posted on youtube.

Guys got any idea's You can use cheat engine to look for it unless you have ps2 and one of the cheat disks and find it yourself. as i said this code is incomplete the real menu is hidden in the game somewhere.
[Image: 66xk69.jpeg]

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Seems interesting enough. Can't contribute, really, but guess I can bump it. Wouldn't mind having full access to the menu.

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