The joystick....
I am trying to play FF12 and the joystick constantly is acting like i am pulling the joystick back on the controller. The avator is always coming towards the screen. I can play it but it is rather annoying. Can someone help? I am using latest v. of lilypad and motionjoy with ps3 controller and using x360 part of motionjoy.

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Hmm... You mean that no matter which side you move the joystick (left, right, up or down) the char always moves back. Have you configured Lilypad properly. Show the Settings of Lilypad.
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I mean that if i was to not move the joystick the character walks towards the camera. so if the camera is facing north he walks south. with no moving of the joystick. now if i slightly press it up he stops moving.
Well, can you show the settings of Lilypad (screenshots by print Screen etc.). Also, test the controller (in lilypad), under the Device Diagnostic that if the Joystick axis (down axis) changes when you keep the joystick idle.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Here you go.

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Maybe its your controller thats messed up, the same thing happened to me turned out to be a damaged contact
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it doesnt do that on my ps3.

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