The music in Sonic Mega collection and Sega genesis collection sounds bad
The beginning menu music sounds okay, but once you get in game, the genesis music sounds really bad, nothing like it does on a real genesis or PS2. Is there a sound plugin that plays genesis game music okay?

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what is u'r fps when u get in game & what is EE% & GS%?
U can see them in window mode on top !!
60fps all the way. I can even run GoW 2 in software mode full speed. The sound isn't choppy, it's just really muffled. I'm guessing the genesis games are being run on an emulator, so the game music isn't your typical PS2 format music, but genesis format midis. Can someone please make the sound plugin have more support for these emulated genesis games on the PS2?
We do low level emulation. The sound you hear should be right unless there is a bug in emulation.
Can you try different interpolation settings and see if the situation improves?

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