The new svn builds have 2 copies of each plugin.
I have been getting the latest builds of all the pcsx2 releases and noticed that they have 2 copies of all the plugins in them as well as the application. Basically they are named with the build at the end of the build and one without the name of the build at the end. So is this done for a reason? Also some of the plugins are throwing up errors in the console upon the second load of the application. Thought I would point this out if it wasn't already known. Also I was wondering if the latest svn builds could be built into installers instead of archives.

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plugin errors happens because you are not using Linux and dont have AVX support
archives are better low size and no permission problems
Ok then well there is still 2 copies of all plugins.
There's 2 copies of each because of a build system limitation. A bug if you will.
Quote:The new svn builds have 2 copies of each plugin.

The new? It's always been like that since Orphis has been providing the builds.

It has it's uses, mostly for testers. For example, if you use the same folder for unpacking new builds then the ones without a revision number will always remain the "latest" and the ones with revision number is for testing which revision number changed something.

Anyway, better discuss it here:
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